Get Bombed 'Splosion! Chocolate Emulsion Art

Get Bombed 'Splosion! Chocolate Emulsion Art

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A NEW product we're so excited about! Chocolate Emulsion Art!

Now, you can apply images directly onto your chocolate (via flat mold) using our emulsion transfers. Printed directly onto emulsion sheets, these images give you a brilliant effect onto chocolate; preferably with white or light-colored chocolate for the deepest color.

These can be used as regular chocolate transfers, cakesicles, and cocoa bombs using a flat mold. Image dimensions vary but are no wider than 1.7" across.  Images are divided into sections for you to cut and place into your mold. Wraps for cakesicle molds are 2" across.



Apply image to your mold with the emulsion side UP, NOT DOWN

Pour chocolate over once lightly to seal and let it set.

Apply a second layer, and let it set.

Carefully remove after second layer is set by peeling off the plastic film. The images are clear through the film so it's best to do this as soon as you are ready to remove chocolate from the mold.

Once applied, it can be touched "gently" only if needed.You can also use edible paint to add more detail if you choose.

Care Instructions:

Keep INSIDE packaging when not using in a dark, cool place. Do NOT freeze or refrigerate. Emulsion is made with cocoa butter and can melt easily if warmed. It's also best to temper your chocolate and keep it within the 95-110 range.

Ingredients: Water, Cassava Starch, Sugar, Emulsifier, Vanilla, Pectin

10 images per sheet.