How it Works!

Introducing The SmOk'R - Your Ultimate Cold Smoking Solution

Step into the world of "cold smoking" with our cutting-edge device. With plenty of smokers on the market, we wanted to create an all-in-one solution for cold smoking cocktails and food. Our innovative appliance not only looks sleek enough to display but also features advanced technology completely contained within the box.


Unleash the Smoky Flavors!

This handmade cold smoke box is perfect for infusing smoky flavors into your favorite spirited cocktails like old fashions, as well as foods such as meats, cheeses, burrata, chips, fruits, popcorn, and chocolate. All via a simple load of fuel (wood chips), a lighting of the fuel, and the flip of a switch.You'll soon find that this is one of your most interesting possessions in the home or wherever you keep it on display.


How to use

Just add your cocktail, glass (yes, you can just smoke the glass), or food item onto the base under the box or dome, enclose the dome or box onto the board, add your favorite wood chips or herbs to the small bowl on the front left, light them with a torch or lighter, then flip the antique toggle switch on the front right. Once the box fills up with smoke, you can turn the switch off. Wait a few minutes, (your timeframe is your choice and it is solely based on taste strength), remove the top, and enjoy your creation.



Never submerse the box in water. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean if necessary. For the square acrylic tops, use a nonabrasive cloth or damp paper towel, mild dish soap and clean out. Wipe dry with a nonabrasive towel. Gor the glass domes and fuel bowl, hand washing, or dishwasher will be OK, if needed. Always make sure the switch is turned off when not in use.

If the holes at the bottom of the fuel bowl, get clogged, a toothpick should clear it out. This can and probably will happen as if you will break down and fill those balls. If you notice you’re not getting a lot of smoke into your SmOk'R, you probably need to clean out your fuel bowl.