cook·ie cut·ter  /ˈko͝okē ˈkədər/


That's what we are. A small but dynamite little shop filled with the tech, machines, supplies, and ideas to provide a vast and fun set of cookie cutters, decorating stencils, edible appliques, tools, and workshops designed for the cookie and baking decorating pro or enthusiast. We come from the same baking environment and love for it as you do, so we "get it". It's what we do and we love doing it.

I began this adventure pre-pandemic, in 2017 at the same time I had a small business making macarons. I began to explore different methods to design them and had already become familiar with many of the techniques used in sugar cookie decorating. So, I started to merge many of these mediums and tools together to create a variety for cookie decorators that would cover everything.

We can help you with many things from the cutters to the packaging. And please, always feel free to submit your own design(s) and/or ideas as we will be happy to try and work up what you're looking for, quickly.

We are generally able to ship out most orders within 2-5 days of receiving them; many on the same day. Larger orders may take up to 7 days if we have a current backlog of materials building. But, we will let you know if your order is going to be a bit longer as soon as we receive it and are aware you might need this intel. Holidays are generally the only time this is a valid concern.

All products by Floof Cutters, LLC are made in the USA, INCLUDING our materials. We source locally and are darn proud of it!


Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

If your order should arrive damaged, please contact us immediately so we can help you. We do offer a replacement item if your purchase should arrive damaged or an error on our part has been made. Refunds and returns beyond our responsibility are not offered however. Our products are made to order, and any product that is considered "edible" is never eligible for a return.

But please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with our products.