Silkscreen Airbrush Cover

$15.00 - $20.00
  • Silkscreen Airbrush Cover
  • Silkscreen Airbrush Cover

Literally the best thing that’s happened to airbrushing cookies. Are you tired of blurry or bleeding edges when you’re using your stencil frames? The air that is forced out of the nozzle will cause this to happen, however, the fine woven poly fibers in a silkscreen will catch and block this from happening. These awesome boards are the answer to perfectly sharp edges to your design application.

Reusable, and you can move it around for many uses at a time before you have to wipe it clean.

Simply place your cookie down, lay your stencil in the frame over the cookie, then place the layover board on top of both, and GO FOR IT! You can also snap your stencil frame between the silkscreen. You’ll be so happy with the results. It’s our favorite tool in the shed.

*Stencil Frame not included (obviously!)

Size are 6" x 8" and 8" x 10"

Not dishwasher safe. Easily rinses with water and mild soap as with your stencils and stencil frame.