Santa Face Edible

  • Santa Face Edible

We now have something to go with the fabulous hot cocoa bomb craze. Dissolvable edibles that you can put right onto your chocolate-filled bombs of joy!

Or even better, into your cookies! We can do larger sizes upon request.

All edibles come pre-cut and are sized for the 70mm and 50mm bombs.

Edibles are printed on our own enhanced wafer paper which holds better color absorption and clarity in images when made., than regular wafer sheets. They dissolve right in the cup, or you can just remove it from the bomb itself and set aside. (And still eat!)

Need a personalized set of edibles as a label or just looking for a specific design, let us know! We can do this because we're crafty like that and love making them.

Gluten-free; just place on top of your chocolate drizzle, use edible glue, or a little melted chocolate. So much fun!

15 per package