Pastel Choco Bunnies Edible Toppers and Confetti

  • Pastel Choco Bunnies Edible Toppers and Confetti

We now have something to go with the fabulous hot cocoa bomb craze. Dissolvable edibles that you can put right onto your chocolate-filled bombs of joy! Or even better, into your cocoa! We can do larger sizes upon request.

Edibles are printed on our own enhanced wafer paper which holds better color absorption and clarity in images when made., than regular wafer sheets. They dissolve right in the cup, or you can just remove it from the bomb itself and set aside. (And still eat!)

Toppers are approx 1.5" at their longest side.

Gluten Free
Although these materials are not prepared in a kitchen, have no cross-contamination with peanuts within Floof Cutters' facility, nor have peanuts listed on our manufacturer's label, a peanut-free product cannot be guaranteed.

Store in a cool, dark place. Do not refrigerate or leave in the sunlight. These will last for over a year if stored properly.

Includes Only 30 toppers
Confetti Only: 200 pieces
Toppers and Confetti: 15 toppers and 100 pieces of confetti