October 31st Stencil

$5.00 - $12.00
  • October 31st Stencil

Create a beautifully simple cookie this Halloween with a beautiful polygon cookie stencil set. These stencils can be applied using an airbrush and royal icing (or BOTH for a stunning 3D effect). Works great on larger 4" and 5"polygon cookies made with our own inventory of frame/polygon cookie cutters. You can also just use the stencils you want and mix/match them to make a varied set.

The October 31st kit comes complete with 4" frame/polygon cutter and two stencils. One stencil for the date and another with three different spider sizes. You can also select which stencil layers you want if you don't want the full set.
Set Includes:
October 31st stencil
Spider stencil
4" frame/polygon cutter