Iconic Alice in Wonderland Edible Designs

$8.00 - $12.00
  • Iconic Alice in Wonderland Edible Designs

Dissolvable, round edibles that you can put right onto your flat, round molds! These are not like our wafer toppers, rather they are flat designs on pliable sugar sheets that are placed onto the top of your mold (face-down), and covered on your first layer of chocolate to set in place. These will work with chocolate-dipped cookies or anything you want to create with your flat molds. Hot cocoa bombs and cake-filled chocolates are look great with these designs.

All edibles come pre-cut and are sized for the FLAT 2", 2.25", and 2.5" molds. Please know your mold size before ordering!!! If you have any questions, never be shy to ask.

Edibles are printed on our own enhanced sugar paper which holds better color absorption and clarity in images when made., than regular sheets. They dissolve right in the cup, or when you bite into the cookie.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE EXTREMELY CAREFUL REMOVING DESIGNS FROM THE PAPER BACKING BECAUSE THEY CAN TEAR. (was that loud enough?) And please keep them stored in their plastic zip bag to protect them from humidity.

Need a personalized set of edibles as a label or just looking for a specific design, let us know! We can do this because we're crafty like that and love making them.

Gluten-free; So much fun!

12 per package