Cobbles Stencil

$5.00 - $20.00
  • Cobbles Stencil
  • Cobbles Stencil
  • Cobbles Stencil

5 x 5 stencil. Stencil measures approx. 4.5" at its longest side. This stencil is great for backgrounds.

Made from food grade plastic and are both washable and reusable, but NOT dishwasher safe.

Works best when used with a stencil layover board. While our stencils will work with most stencil frames, a stencil layover board is a much better option and will reduce bleed and blur caused by stencil frames due to the space created between the stencil and cookie. You are also not held back by the size of a stencil; any size will work.

Sample cookie was made with our new Cookie Faux practice cookie!