Her Sugar Skull Pop Ups Embossing Plate

  • Her Sugar Skull Pop Ups Embossing Plate

Made from premium 1/4” thick cast acrylic. Plate size is 3” x 4” with stamp size at same size. Perfect for PYO (paint your own) cookies too. Raised design makes painting with a brush or food marker easy and quick. Airbrush after for a real affect. This is a wonderful centerpiece cookie tool.

Hand wash recommended, but also top-rack dishwasher safe

Directions for use:

Simply roll fondant out in a desired thickness (not too thin so the plate will go deep enough for the image to “pop up”), lay your stamp face down onto the fondant and press firmly and very gently wiggle. Slowly lift the plate up at a corner and gently remove it from the fondant. You may need to gently press any lifted areas down with your fingers. Align your cutter over the embossed image and cut out. Paint a light coating of water, royal icing, edible glue, or even buttercream on top of your cookie, gently lift the image up with a flat icing spatula or something similar, and lay it on top of the cookie. You may also run your fingers along the edge of the cookie where the dough meets the fondant for a cleaner edge.