Custom Edibles

$10.00 - $13.00
  • Custom Edibles
  • Custom Edibles
  • Custom Edibles
  • Custom Edibles

You've asked for it, you've got it! This is the hot spot to order your own custom edible designs. Currently, we can accommodate the Chocolate Emulsion Art, Edible Toppers for cocoa bombs and cookies and the Edible Designs for dipped-cookies and flat-surface bombs.

Chocolate Emulsion Art sheets come with at least 10 designs based on 1.3” (max width). If the images are smaller, then the sheets will be designed to fit more, but still allow room to touch while you cut and place them.

All Edible Toppers come pre-cut and are sized for the 70mm and 50mm bombs. The 70mm size is around 1.5" at its longest side. The 50mm size is approx. 1-1.2" at its longest side.

Edible Designs are sized in 2", 2.25", and 2.5" molds.

Please contact us before ordering to make sure we are able to create your request. A proof will be provided before we go to print and plot (to cut). Discounts do not apply on custom orders.

We do charge for any design services where we have to create your designs. If the images or designs are not readily available but need to be created, it’s a $10 fee. Please get with us in advance to see if this will apply to you. In many cases the images are easy to source and therefore we don’t charge for it.

Gluten-free; just place on top of your chocolate drizzle (be a bit generous and hold in place until it sets) royal icing (the best choice), or edible glue. So much fun!

15 per package for the Edible Toppers
12 per package on the Edible Designs
1 full sheet or 10 squares for Chocolate Emulsion (number of images can depend on their size. More will fit if they’re smaller)
6 images for both Polaroid sizes
Edible confetti varies depending on design. You MUST contact us prior to ordering.