Vintage Bomb Popsicle Edible Confetti

  • Vintage Bomb Popsicle Edible Confetti

Another fun product to line up the perfect cocoa bombs, cupcakes, cake and cookie decoration; our new edible confetti! Made from wafer paper, we print and plot designs small enough to fit inside a cocoa bomb or detail your baking decor to add a new level of awesome to your treats.

For a 70mm cocoa bomb, about 5-10 pieces will fit nicely and give you a fun design that floats to the surface after the bomb opens up. They like to "hang" with your marshmallows for a while.

Gluten Free
Although these materials are not prepared in a kitchen, have no cross-contamination with peanuts within Floof Cutters' facility, nor have peanuts listed on our manufacturer's label, a peanut-free product cannot be guaranteed.