4th of July Heart Edible Confetti and Toppers

  • 4th of July Heart Edible Confetti and Toppers

Another fun product to line up the perfect cocoa bombs, cupcakes, cake and cookie decoration; our new edible confetti! Made from wafer paper, we print and plot designs small enough to fit inside a cocoa bomb or detail your baking decor to add a new level of awesome to your treats.

For a 70mm cocoa bomb, about 5-10 pieces will fit nicely and give you a fun design that floats to the surface after the bomb opens up. They like to "hang" with your marshmallows for a while.

Toppers are approx 1.5” at their longest side. Confetti is approx .4” at their longest side.

Gluten Free
Although these materials are not prepared in a kitchen, have no cross-contamination with peanuts within Floof Cutters' facility, nor have peanuts listed on our manufacturer's label, a peanut-free product cannot be guaranteed.

Confetti Will be packaged as a sheet for safer travel and storage. It will come with a small zip bag for storage if you need. Loose pieces from the sheet are expected during travel, but will not damage the product. Just punch out what you need and store the rest in a cool, dark place. Do not refrigerate or leave in the sunlight. These will last for over a year if stored properly.

Toppers and Confetti set will yield approx 20 toppers and 250 pieces of confetti.

Toppers only will yield approx 25 pieces

Confetti only will yield approx 300 pieces.